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    International Awards winner:

    2020 Gold Medal at IOOC, Italy

    2020 Silver Medal at JOOP, Japan

    Type: High Phenolic Filtered  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Recommended Daily Intake as per EU (432/2012):  1.5 tablespoons 

    Origin:  Deir Mimas Village, Marjayoun Caza, South of Lebanon ( commonly referred to as the Bordeaux of olive oils)

    Cultivar: 100% Baladi Unripe Green Olives 

    Collection period: Early Harvest / October 2020 

    Yield: 16.67%

    Aroma: A mix of green tomato, herbs, apple and banana, followed by a poke of black pepper, walnut and almond

    Taste: Very well balanced between the bitter, the pungent and the fruity

    Formats: 0.5 L Bottle

    Pairing: Raw on salads, steamed vegetables, soups, fish, meat, and Mediterranean Mezze

    Calories per Tablespoon: 120

    Acidity: 0.14% (max 0.8 %)

    K270: 0,107 ( max 0.22)

    K232: 1,143 ( max 2.5)

    Peroxide: 1.38  mEqo2 /kg (max 20)

    Polyphenols concentration: 294 mg/kg (min 64)

    Age of olive trees: 600 -2000+ years old

    Storage: Below 18C, away from light and humidity

    Technique: First Cold Extraction